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Online Presentation

The online presentation includes:

  • A  35~45 minutes live Q&A with students via Skype, Zoom or Google Meet. Based on the questions, Ji-li often shares more personal information that could better understanding of her book. 
  • A  35 minutes video with new photos, film footage and Ji-li's parents' interview for the first time since the Cultural Revolution. The video includes most the content of Ji-li's presentation in person, but at a minimum cost.
  • Online Q&A and video are available separately or combined. 

Audience age preference: Middle school, high school and college

Audience size : Any size. It can be watched in an assembly or multi classrooms as long as Internet access is available.


  • A computer with Internet access;
  • A LCD projector;
  • Screen or wall space;
  • The ability to darken the room
  $200 (Online live Q&A)
  $100 (video only)
$250 (Online live Q&A and video)
General Info

For more Information, please contact:

E-mail: info@JiliJiang.com
Tel: (510) 717-8880


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