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Comments on Ji-Li's Presentations and School Visits

"... Ji-li Jiang's story appeals to the 10-14 year old student for several reasons. Her experience during the Chinese Cultural Revolution took place when she was their age; Ji-li's story directly relates to the adolescent world centered on school, peer relationships, family, self-esteem and self-actualization. Survival of the individual and a family's display of courage are evident throughout her tale of a terrifying chapter in Chinese history..."

-- Kathryn Jeffrey, Director of LRC at Jefferson Jr. High, Naperville, IL


"... I can't thank you enough for sharing the tragedy of your past with us. The way you managed to be a survivor changed the way I think about life and all of these decisions we have to make."

-- Margaret Romero, 8th grade student of Columbus East, IL

"... (Her speech) makes me appreciate a lot more things now, and love my family even more."

-- Bethany Sierawsky, 7th grade student of Crone, IL

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"... Rarely have we hosted a speaker who elicited such positive response in voluntary evaluations! Here is a sampling of comments from her audience at Hawaii Community College: "Learned so much about China! Moved me to tears!" "I had no idea (the Cultural Revolution) happened. it is something everybody should hear about." "stories were fascinating and most valuable in providing insights about this period. extremely moving."

-- Sally Nhomi, Program Coordinator, Pacific and Asian Affairs Council

"If she (Ji-li Jiang) is an effective storyteller in her book, Ms. Jiang is even better speaking in person before an audience. Her presence gave vitality and validity to her writing. Her personal warmth, earnestness, grace and inner beauty radiate. Here is a story that needs to be shared, not only with young people, her desired principal audience, but adults as well. Here is an universal story of intelligence, loyalty, honor, acting on principles and values, love of family, and courage."

-- Lois T. Mui, President, Associated Chinese University Women, Inc.

"...After the first few sentences, dessert forks were laid aside and all eyes were drawn to her bravely erect form. As she reviewed the main events described in the book, the hush deepened, and when she completed her remarks, there was a lump in every throat and an immediate standing ovation from the floor."

-- Carol Chittenden, Past Chair, New England Children's Bookselling Advisory Council